Book: The Very Best Bad Idea


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Do you like to be wrong?
Shouldn’t you?
Why do you think “wrong” is “bad”?
In The Very Best Bad Idea, Kirk Westwood steamrolls the long-held premise that right is good and wrong is bad. He paves the way to give anyone who sees situations differently the permission to be proud of their brilliantly unbridled “bad ideas.” In this book, you'll learn about:
* The History of Thinking, and how we might be wired incorrectly for a society we live in today.
* An in depth analysis of popular cliches like “don’t reinvent the wheel” and “build a better mousetrap” and why we might need to “make friends with the mouse”.
* Why people should start embracing their unique views of the world as they are the true genesis of innovation and creativity.
* And so much more!

This book speaks to the entrepreneurs, the creatives, the innovators, and the outcasts as they seek out the secret to conquering innovation. It’s an unconventional look at a conventional problem. If you’re ready to release the “Kreative” and embrace your individual perspective... get ready for the The Very Best Bad Idea.


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